Alpa 4.0 - mk2019

After 2 years of testing Alpacargo is evolved.
Keeping the same comfort and stiffness that distinguished Alpacargo since the first prototype, we feature it with an innovative modular accessory system, so you can easily adapt your Alpacargo to your unique lifestyle.

PRE-ORDER coming soon!


Thanks to its unique compact geometry, alpacargo gives the same riding sensation of a city bike. No effort to learn how to use it. It’s just love at first sight.


Direct steering, optimized weight distribution and hydraulic disc brakes to give any rider the highest safety he could desire.


Alpacargo is light (around 15kgs!) stiff and precise thanks to its unique alloy frame and carbon fork.

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Where can you see us?

Eurobike 2018 - Booth Bikee Bike (fgo 106)

Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany - 8-10 July, 2018

From Eurobike on you can pre-order your new Alpacargo to have it at a fantastic price in your garage within next February.
Also the new model would be totally made in Italy:
best quality and total production control.


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Treviso - Italy

Stay tuned! pre-order coming soon!

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